Friday, 22 December 2017

Basic Hints and Fixes of QuickBooks issues explained-QuickBooks Customer Service

QuickBooks is successful software in terms of providing the best financial operating services to the small and large businesses. All the tasks such as accounting, banking and customer files can be handled easily using the QuickBooks. In order to operate and manage this program, it is highly essential to learn about few common issues and their quick fix. The users can also seek the QuickBooks enterprise support for this purpose.

1) Bookkeeping
The users can maintain an account of the three types of assets in QuickBooks: the fixed assets, current, and other assets. Current assets are the ones that are converted to the cash within the same financial year. Fixed assets are investments such as land, building, and machinery. Other assets are liquid assets such as account receivables. Liability is the amount owed by the business to its creditors. Equity is the capital invested in the business. Having a clear idea of the concept of bookkeeping helps the users to operate QuickBooks efficiently. The users can also reach the help at the QuickBooks customer service phone number for the same purpose.   
2) Accounting Correction
QuickBooks offers a couple of ways to fix this issue. The user can either enter the details as the journal entries or corrections in the journal. Making corrections is much easier than entering journals. In case the users face any problem doing so they can reach the help at the QuickBooks support phone number.
3) QuickBooks running slow
If you are using the online edition of QuickBooks then it may hang due to several reasons. Make sure that all the browsers are updated and malicious plugins are removed. Make sure that your drive has enough memory and at least up to 256 MB of free space. The CPU speed needs to be at least 1GHz. The user can try turning off automatic updates to increase up to the speed.
The slow speed can cause a lot of problems such as data loss. If that happens, then the users can reach the support team for the purpose of QuickBooks auto data recovery.    
4) Windows
Some of the older versions of QuickBooks can work with the Vista but for newer versions, the users need Windows XP or 2000.

For any further query, you can contact the support team using the QuickBooks customer service phone number.
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